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Honey Bear Roasters

Next 18 exclusive coffee

Next 18 exclusive coffee

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Introducing Next 18's exclusive Guatemalan blend, roasted to perfection by the artisans at Honey Bear Roasters – a flavorful masterpiece brewed from the finest Arabica beans plucked from Guatemala's famed coffee havens. This extraordinary concoction blends beans from Huehuetenango, infusing a unique charm into every cup, creating a symphony of taste that dances on your palate.

Dive into the luscious embrace of this brew, a medium-bodied marvel, caressed by delightful hints of caramel, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and whispers of dried fruit. With its gentle acidity and lingering allure, Next 18's Guatemalan blend promises an unforgettable coffee expedition, ideal for moments of pure indulgence and creative sparks.

With every bag of this magical elixir, Honey Bear Roasters contributes $3 to Next 18, a registered 501c3 from Wisconsin. Your purchase fuels Next 18's mission to provide wellness camps through the magic of golf for veterans and first responders, ensuring they find solace and joy in the game they love. So, brew a cup, savor the taste, and join us in honoring tradition, quality, and boundless passion, one sip at a time.

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